Saffron, Coco & Ginger




Coco & Ginger


Chloe Coco 17 and Ginger Lily 10

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Saffron and we moved to Bali in 2002 for adventure and the opportunity to experience another culture having long been attracted to the creative and culturally rich Balinese. I am so grateful for the wonderful connections and friendships I have formed in Bali. It's truly a remarkable island.

How was ‘Coco and Ginger’ created?

Making clothes for my babies and connecting with amazing artisans and organically producing and growing coco and ginger.

What are your hot tips for juggling family life and running your own business?

Lists. Even if nothing is ever completely ticked off it still makes you feel like you have your stuff together and are moving in the right direction. Oh and flexible work hours rule. It's amazing what you can get done at 6.30am upon waking.

What inspires you creatively?

Textiles, Folk art, paintings, and interior books. Flowers and music even scent is inspiring. At the moment a weekly flower shop and spotify brings much inspiration.

Family island faves:


- Around our table....just kidding! 

- Old Mans for breakfast and a run with the doggie on the beach

- Nasi Campur from our local warung

- Mamasan for a fancy date night or girls-night get together


- East Coast car trip up to Virgin Beach for a grilled fish lunch and swim.


- Start off along Jalan Kunti Dua for baskets and then move along through all the antique furniture and curio shops.


- Alila Manggis where we first fell in love with Bali in our first year. Such a change of pace that always delights.

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