The Anak Atelier

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  • Enticing and inspiring curiosity and creativity via natural play…

    The Anak Atelier is an early learning centre offering programs for toddlers and pre-schoolers aged between 15 months and 6 years.  Even if you don’t live on the Island of the Gods, holidaying families are still lucky enough to be able to experience this unique Pre-School and get a taste of Balinese culture via short-term and part-time enrolments.

    Or you can visit their beautiful playground for an afternoon of free-play fun. Their grounds are open to the public on weekday afternoons between 3 and 5pm, and all day during the school holidays. The kids will love the sandpit, natural running stream for some water play, natural wood climbing and balancing structures, and lush green grass to run, chase, skip and dance on.

    There’s plenty of shade, and snacks and drinks can be ordered from the cafe next door so you can settle in and enjoy a fun family afternoon with new little friends, in a lovely, relaxed, truly kid-friendly space.

    Many activities and classes are on offer that visitors to Bali are free to join too, including Hip Hop, Art and Craft, Capoeira, Traditional Balinese Dance and the new Indo Vibes music class… even afternoon adult yoga classes for the Mums and Dads.

    This school is so beautiful and special and this is conveyed via the school beliefs – Respect the past, embrace the present and sustain the future.  The team that run it are 100% dedicated to providing experiences that empower children for lifelong learning, and the unique and natural environment they have created is sure to entice curiosity and creativity in little minds. We were delighted to be able to visit this Pre-School and spend a day with the educators and children (and a couple of little kittens that captured our hearts too!)

    To join in the Pre-school on a short-term basis would no doubt be a memorable and worthwhile experience for your little one, and a visit to the playground is a lovely option for an outing with the kidlets especially if staying on the Bukit.

    Playground open Monday to Friday from 3 – 5pm and 9am – 5pm during school holidays.

    Playground entrance fee is 85,000 Rp for one child and adult, and 25,000 Rp for additional adults.

    For short-term pre-school enrolments please email: for more information.