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Jen Tighe


The Garden Early Learning Centre and Kids Club

Good Living Asia


India (11), Olianna (9) and Jasper (7)

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I have been living in Asia for the past 12 years - from Japan to HK, to Singapore and now Bali for the last 5 years. I love the warmth of Asia - both the climate and the friendly faces. I work hard but do my best to spend time with my little tribe, friends and making sure I stay sane. I love the ocean but I equally love a beautiful garden, both make me smile. 

How were Good Living Asia and The Garden created? 

My first Bali business baby, Good Living Asia was created from a need for extended friends who often visited the island to find fabulous villas and feel comfort in knowing someone had personally inspected the villas and could help with any "on the ground" requests during their stay. It grew very quickly and we now market 300 villas across Bali and Lombok but still offer all our clients our personal touch and make sure they have everything they need to make their holiday perfect.

My second island business baby started as a result that I saw there was a need for quality Early Learning in Canggu when we first moved to Bali. As a result we built The Garden Early Learning Centre along with The Garden Kids Club and have watched the centre come alive with the happiness of beautiful happy little faces each day. I feel wonderful that we have created a beautiful space for both children living on the island and also visitors to the island to be able to come and play in a safe and lovely space. 

What are your hot tips for juggling family life and running your own business? 

You can never complete whats on your to do list. I have a question that I often repeat to myself when I am worried about something "will you care on your death bed about this" and if the answer is no then I have learnt to worry less and move through it. 

What inspires you creatively?

Flowers, they are so insanely beautiful. If you actually spend the time to really look at them they are so remarkable. Nothing can beat how clever and beautiful nature is. I am also inspired by the chefs here in Bali, they come up with the most amazing food and always seem to be creating new dishes - we are spoilt for choice here in Canggu. 

Family island faves:


Family picnics on the remote Northern Canggu beaches like Pigstone, Sunday roast at Jemme, dinner at Da Maria.


The Lawn in Canggu, chasing waterfalls all over Bali, (or The Garden Kids club if you're under 10!),


All the new boutiques along Batu Bolong in Canggu.


Villa Asante at Echo Beach (one of my favourite villas in Canggu).

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