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Ruby – 12, Ella - 10

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I first became really interested in Bali when I studied Social Anthropology at University and enrolled in a class called Rituals and Symbols in Bali. My father also has a collection of beautiful Balinese art which he has bought over the years so I feel I’ve always been surrounded by the beauty of Bali. 

We were only going to move to Bali for a year but we ended up staying for 5! The island has a peculiar hold on you once you’re there. I love going back - the landscape, the people, the food, the smells, the sounds…it’s my second home. 

The minute I step off the plane, my body feels different and I love speaking Bahasa – something happens to my brain when I start talking in Indonesian. It makes me smile.  

My heart always hurts a little when I leave but I know it’s always there for me. 

How was ‘My Awesome Adventures’ created?

My husband and I used to head to Bungalow Living after dropping our kids off at school. It has great coffee, the worlds most gorgeous owner and staff and the atmosphere is always inspiring. We noticed lots of kids coming in and they’d be on their ipads or just not engaging with their surroundings. 

Bali is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich islands and we thought HEY! What if we created a book that would have lots of fun activities where they could learn more about Bali, keep them entertained and provide a memento of their holiday. 

We set to work straight away on creating the content for the journal, found an illustrator ,a  printer and almost 8,000 copies later, we’re still going strong! 

What are your hot tips for juggling family life and running your own business?

I love a family calendar and a to-do list! Ticking jobs off my to-do list makes me very happy! 

Running your own business means that there’s no set hours and there’s the tendency for work to creep into family time. ‘I’ll just check my emails quickly’ or ‘Me on Instgram? Yes, but it’s WORK!’ is a common catchcry. 

I try and be really aware of this and make a rule that there are no phones at mealtimes and that everyone is present when we’re all together. A conscious delineation between family life and work is important. 

What inspires you creatively?

My husband, my kids, the ocean, books, art, travel, music, exercise, meditation. 

Family island faves:


Corn on the beach at sunset and nasi campur from any of our favourite local warungs in Umalas (I’m dreaming of my favourite eggplant dish right now!) 


Exploring the island – heading to Pasir Putih in East Bali and eating grilled fish at the local warung on the beach. Doing a cooking class –Casa Luna and Bali Asli are both amazing. (Food seems to be a theme here!) 


It’s not for the fainthearted but I love going to the Pasar Kodok in Tabanan. It’s a crazy, dusty, crowded market full of second-hand clothes. You have to look hard but when you find a treasure, it’s so satisfying! 

If I’m not in the mood for rummaging, I always find the best dresses at Frockk.


My husband and I had the most luxurious 3 days at the Aman in Ubud during the Writers  Festival. The grounds were so lush and it felt so beautifully authentic and Balinese.   Otherwise, we all love the Alila Manggis in Candi Dasa, which was recommended to us by Saffron from Coco and Ginger when we first moved to Bali.


Terima Kasih for the wonderful interview Eliza -

the Little Bali Love girls adore your AWESOME adventure journals xx

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