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Kali 14yrs, Siddhartha 12yrs 

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I was born in Surabaya, a vibrant port city of Java in the thriving Chinatown neighborhood. A third born of 5 siblings. I spent my early childhood with my two older brothers adventuring, collecting stones and other found treasures. I have been making things since I was very young - clay doll house, paper puppets, anything with leaves and flowers.

I am grateful to have been raised in entrepreneurial family. I grew up daydreaming about things to create, places to go, people to meet. There was never a question of ‘What do you want to be when you grow up’

How was Putri Siren created?

Putri Siren is a project with my daughter, Kali. She loves reading and is really into mermaids. So I thought why not create an outlet where we both can put in ideas, develop them together, make it happen and have fun along the way. Lots of fun!

What are your hot tips for juggling family life and running your own business?

Get support. Surround yourself with good friends, family and don’t hesitate to ask for support. And get enough rest. I’d say ‘when in doubt, sleep.’

What inspires you creatively?

Travel inspires and energises me. I love immersing myself in different cultures, food, colours, smells. It refreshes the way I see things.

Family island faves:


Monsieur Spoon bakery, and beach picnics.


Road trips and beach sleep overs.


One Love in Canggu, and H&M.


Pondok Pisang in Candidasa

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