About the team

About the team

About the team

We are a family of Bali lovers...  both big and little! 

Little Bali Love was created in 2012 by a travel-loving family of four (Mum Jemma, Dad and their two little girls) who divide their time between Melbourne, Australia and the Indonesian island of Bali... their home sweet second home.

An experienced corporate marketer, Jemma left the daily grind and black suits behind and now lives her dream of a balanced combo of family life, work life and travel.

She has managed to juggle the most important job of all (being a mum to two), along with her own online business which she can run from the comfort of her home-office in Melbourne, poolside from her home sweet second home in Bali, or even on a beach in the Greek Islands (as long as theres wifi!).

After launching and selling a previous online business, Jemma now focuses her time on Little Bali Love as well as freelancing in social media, marketing and copywriting to a select group of clients based in both Australia and Indonesia. She has also recently started a new little side project about their yearly travels to the Greek Islands - you can follow @greekislandswithkids on Instagram.

From time to time, Little Bali Love work with guest reviewers who either live or regularly holiday in Bali, all have a common love for the island, and of course all have little ones who are keen to help experience and try out cool new places to EAT, PLAY, SHOP and STAY in Bali. All in the name of research of course! 🙂

If you would like to find out more about joining the Little Bali Love team and contributing to our website we would love to hear from you. 

Or if you are keen to engage or work with Jemma about anything 'Bali with Kids' or 'Family Travel' related, please drop us a line at: hello@littlebalilove.com

Jem and the Little Bali Love team xx

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